A thrilling combination that fuses the adrenaline provided by its electric power, controlled directly via a grip throttle, and the physical experience of independent pedaling.
Brinco C

The perfect choice for those who want to enjoy riding in both the country and the city, but who don’t need the sportiest features. The Brinco C offers more comfortable riding than the R and RE, thanks to its lower seat height and touring handlebars

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Brinco R

The hard-hitting one for those who can enjoy it on private grounds, avoiding the need to use public roads. The Brinco R boasts a PRO suspension system (travel of over 180 mm, both front and rear). And, in line with its sportier character, it does not include the standard side kickstand.

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Brinco RE

The line’s sportiest model allows you to enjoy both off-road riding and public streets, without any type of restrictions. In the city, country and mountains … there’s nowhere you can’t go. It’s the perfect Brinco for those who love both

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Brinco S

Designed for urbanites, the Brinco S features road tires and is the line’s most comfortable model, thanks to its lower seat height, touring handlebars and comfort-oriented seat, standard.

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Brinco RB

The Brinco R-B is the line’s most affordable version. It maintains all the essence and boldness of the Brinco R but at an irresistible price. There are no longer any excuses for not getting a Brinco!

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Brinco Discovery

Brinco Discovery: Bultaco and Land Rover, united by adventure.
We introduce the Brinco Discovery, the latest addition to the family!

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Coming Soon

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The perfect combination of technology and fun making it a pleasure to get out and about around town


If you love adventure, exclusivity and technology… you’ve got to have one! This allows you to take your outdoor fun to a whole new level!

TG Commercials are a registered distributor and service provider for Bultaco Bikes. Fully accredited and trained by Bultaco to provide the full quality Service and repair.

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